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August • 11,12,13 • 2017

High Step Society

High Step Society

Rebecca Conner | Vocals, Guitar

Ethan Rainwatere | Bass, Production

Nara | Production

Phil Allen | Drums, Machines

Alex "The Moose" Misar | Saxaphones

Parkpoom Aempoo | Trumpet, Clarinet

Electro Swing Hop

When the honeyed tones of The Jazz Age meld with hottest beat drops of the new millennium, you get High Step Society’s elixir of American Electro Swing. Grandma remembers when she listened to jazz giants on the old Victrola. Grandkids feel the bass deep in their chest cavity. Merging dance music from our past with sounds for the future, High Step Society features a shimmering horn section that soars over syncopated high hats and rat-a-tat snare. The kids in the band are electronic music producers as well as educated jazz musicians. Audaciously sophisticated, High Step Society is rethinking jazz with unorthodox arrangements, and bringing a touch of class to electronic music.