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August • 11,12,13 • 2017

The Panda Conspiracy

Chris Poage & Panda Conspiracy

Chris Poage | Keyboards, Accordion, Baritone Saxophone, Banjo, Vocals

Tj Berry | Guitar, Vocals

Sandy Dickerson | Bass

Katie Mariache | Trumpet, Percussion

Liana Green | Trombone

Steve Barci | Drums

Alternative Americana, Folk

With a passion for performance and music of all genres Chris Poage has crafted his own brand of artistry and joy. Chris is the band leader and singer for Seattle groups: Panda Conspiracy and Mts. & Tunnels. He also writes songs for The Bushwick Book Club and Ball of Wax. As a side man he has worked with Melissa Etheridge, Nneka, Oliver Mutugutzi, Blake Lewis, Publish the Quest, YAR and many more!