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August • 11,12,13 • 2017

Scott Huckabay

Scott Huckabay

World Music, Fingerstyle, New Age, Sound Healing (Tuscon, Arizona)

“Scott Huckabay is among the world's first musicians to recognize the spiritually-uplifting and healing value of giving his performances a "tune-up" to C=528Hz (A=444Hz). Considered an extraordinary "guitar alchemist," Scott's mesmerizing live performances, and six albums on the 528Records label, prove it.”

“Huckabay blends his creative genius with the “Perfect Circle of Sound” to produce thera-music for every minute of your day. From Luminocity’s relaxing and meditative flow to Walk on Water’s energizing exercise music, Scott proves he is more than an amazing guitarist. His sensational sounds source from Divine communion.”

“This outstanding showman plays every concert as though it were his last, resulting in albums that always reflect his best. Listen and be awestruck that everything you hear he is playing live solo. To watch him in concert is memorable for a lifetime.” (Quoted from