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August • 11,12,13 • 2017

St. Cinder

St. Cinder

Alex Jones | Mandolin, Clarinet

Anthony Sutton | Guitar, Vocals

Cody Meyocks | 5 String Banjo, Vocals

Colton Ort | Bones, Harmonica, Vocals

Dagan Bartholomew | Percussion, Vocals

Jonathan Ratliff | Tenor Banjo, 5 String Banjo, Clarinet, Violin, Vocals

Folk, Vagabond Swing (Ashland, Oregon)

“St. Cinder is an organically formed group of fun-loving traveling musicians who love breathing fresh life into roots music and performing an eclectic array of original songs which bend the limits of their traditional instruments.”

“A six piece band of friends formed by a lucky meeting of vagabond musicians in Ashland, Oregon. They happily resurrect and revitalize the many branches of the Americana family tree including jug music, rag-blues, jazz, and folk classics. These foot-stomping traditionals are interspersed with unique original songs which haunt, uplift, and rejoice. St. Cinder is often reminded that their contagious energy and lighthearted presence makes their shows more than just a musical performance—they are a gen-u-ine good time.”