Bob's Ranch Presents

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August • 11,12,13 • 2017



Mark Murphy | Vocals, Guitar

Jojo Lash | Vocals

Aimee Willmoth | Vocals

Scooter Holtzinger | Guitar, Hand Drums

Matt Cartee | Drums

Larry Koszewski | Bass Guitar

Marcus Schmid | Keys

Joe Mechtenberg | Sax, Flute

Andrew Nasvik | Vocals

Patrick McCormick | Bag Pipes

Matt James | Sound

Cole Manthey | Lights

Jam Band, Reggae, Psychedelic (Minneapolis, MN)

Hold on to your socks, folks!

“Wookiefoot is a band, a non-profit charity organization, a circus, a philosophy, and a community of globe trekking bliss junkies and believers that are the fuel to keep this Tribadelic Spaceship going! Their charity organization (with the support of their community) has donated over $500,000 to third world relief efforts and other causes.”

“Wookiefoot’s live sets are an entertaining barrage of sonic and visual stimulation. The fast paced circus like set has been called “Short Attention Span Musical Theater”. These live performances are a one of a kind experience that mixes Reggae, World Beat, Hip Hop, Irish, Funk, Folk, Rock & more with a large band featuring everything from a vintage Hammond Organ to Bag Pipes! Combine that with a mind-blowing stage show that may include anything (such as a light show, projection, costumes, fire, dancers, aerialists, magic, clowns, puppets, etc)”.

Wookiefoot will be performing for two nights, Friday and Saturday. We are in for a real treat!